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How A Turkey Can Teach You About Investing

We consistently have individuals inquiring how we are certain there is a stock market crash around the corner. More specifically they ask us when we think it’s going to happen. We typically make the mistake of getting wide eyed and explaining too much financial jargon which ultimately ends the conversation before it gets started, but today we are going to…

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How Brexit affects TSP investors

How Brexit Will Affect TSP Members

Let’s just get the obvious out there on the table… The European Union, which is the world’s largest economy has failed! If you have the time we strongly suggest you watch this full length feature documentary which explains the situation in great detail. If not then please continue reading. Yesterday Great Britain voted to leave…

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Why Most TSP Members Lose Money

Here is the ugly and unfortunate truth…The majority of investors will never make a significant amount of money with their investments. In fact, they are far more likely to lose money over time. And here’s why… Since 1994 DALBAR, the nation’s leading financial services market research firm has specialized in investor behavior analysis. Specifically they measure the effects…

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