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Thrift Savings Plan G Fund

G Fund

The G Fund is by far the safest fund offered by the Thrift Savings Plan, hands down, it is truly a remarkable security. It’s one of the very few instances in the investment world where you literally cannot go wrong. This fund allows investors to earn interest rates similar to those of long-term U.S. Treasury Bonds, but without…

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The Only TSP Charts You Need

Over the past couple years I have seen numerous charts “analyzing” the Thrift Savings Plan but I’m here to tell you there are only three TSP charts you need to familiarize yourself with on a weekly basis. The G Fund Chart The safest fund offered by the Thrift Savings Plan without question! Unlike the rest of the TSP…

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TSP Retirement Transition

Transfer TSP Allocation into G Fund For Retirement?

I recently had a TSP member inquire about her personal situation regarding her move towards FERS retirement. She informed me that she didn’t know much about her Thrift Savings Plan so she simply invested in the C Fund, S Fund, and I Fund then forgot about it. She recently met with a financial advisor to…

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