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F Fund

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board currently contracts BlackRock to manage the F Fund assets. The TSP F Fund is an index fund, which strives to replicate the returns of Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, a broad index representing the U.S. bond market. The bond market basically consists of government, corporate, and mortgage backed…

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The Only TSP Charts You Need

Over the past couple years I have seen numerous charts “analyzing” the Thrift Savings Plan but I’m here to tell you there are only three TSP charts you need to familiarize yourself with on a weekly basis. The G Fund Chart The safest fund offered by the Thrift Savings Plan without question! Unlike the rest of the TSP…

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TSP/401K Comparable Index Funds

I received the following question from a subscriber: I have quite a large investment in a rollover IRA from my previous company’s 401K. I currently have it with Fidelity in 70/30% mix stock/bond-short term spread over about 12 mutual funds. Does it make sense if I like your system to use your TSP Newsletter advice…

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